Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weekend Getaway: Lanesboro Style (day 1)

Downtown Lanesboro

The B&B we stayed at - Inn at Sacred Clay Farm

 Cutie lunch diner downtown


What the frog! It looks like he's struggling to get away, but I assure you he is not.

 Mom and me - she's the best.


 Don't eat yellow snow or mystery berries - lessons from my dad.

The magic stick we used on our hike to thwart off spider webs. 

I like to make sure you guys keep your expectations of me low, so that's why this post of my weekend trip almost three weeks ago is just now appearing. 

In theory, I am a bed and breakfast enthusiast. In actuality, I spend a lot of time researching them, but never going. Mom took me to the tiny, but active, town of Lanesboro, Minnesota (population under 900). It was the perfect trip for both of us!

Day one was spent mostly eating junk food in the car. Once we arrived at the B&B, we quickly got ready for a (presumably) easy hike. Here's what happened:

Mom: I really think I could just hike for a living.
Me: Yeah?
Mom: (loses footing and walks into a spider web. Yelps.)
Me: (follows suit and screams.)
Both: (laughs, almost pee pants, finds stick to double as machete and spider web terminator.)

After our raging success of a hike, we enjoyed a really yummy meal at Pedal Pushers Cafe - I enjoyed the best veggie burger with hand-cut fries. We walked off our dinner downtown, while creating a shopping strategy for the next day. Anyone else do that?

I'll likely be posting more photos within the next few days, but don't hold me to it. Remember, low expectations, people!

Have a lovely day!

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