Sunday, February 27, 2011

That Place

What! Two outfit posts in two days!

I feel like yesterday's getup was unknowingly inspired by Christmas - it felt very holiday-y. Anyway, grandma took the family out for dinner at a restaurant called 'That Place'. It has a lot of wood paneling and feels kind of like a church basement, but the food is incredible. Needless to say, I felt slightly out of place in my fancy clothes...most were wearing trucker hats and faded jeans.

Me: (freezing) Are you still taking photos?
Dad: I'm waiting for you to pose. Do you want me to shoot from different angles?
Me: (still freezing) At this point, I don't care. Just keep shooting and I'll let you know when to quit.
Dad: Ok, should I stand in the grass for a different angle?
Me: (obviously very cold still) Let your creativity guide you! Just hurry!

I must give my dad a very special thank you for being gracious enough to operate a camera beyond his comprehension - he's such a good sport! 

Anyone else excited for the Academy Awards tonight? I'm toying around with the idea of going to the movie theatre for popcorn, so I can sit in the basement alone and devour a large buttered over the course of three hours. 

Outfit Details:
Sweater - H&M
Skirt - Lulu's
Belt - thrifted 
Tights - Target
Shoes - DSW

Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Official Outfit Post

I decided to get over my not having a super fancy camera or photographer on hand and just take some dang pictures. I wasn't home most of yesterday, so Pennie was very excited to be around me last night, as you'll see in my hurried photo shoot.

(Oh, ya know...just talking to my dad on the phone while the camera was rollin'!)

So, how many times did you see Pennie? I can turn this into a game, like, first person to correctly answer the question wins a prize. And by 'prize' I mean 'nothing'. 

This being my first semi-successful attempt at an outfit post, I played around with the photo coloring. Which do you prefer?

Outfit Details:
Jacket & button up - H&M
Jeans - UO
Boots - Modcloth
Scarf - created by one of best friends

Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

She Bangs

Help me decide the fate of my bangs with these examples:

The third photo is kind of sexy, but I couldn't find any better images of Lizzy Caplan with the shorter bangs. If you have other ideas, feel free to share. Also, if anyone knows of a good salon/stylist in the Des Moines area, please let me know! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Epic Failure

Little Pennie got declawed and fixed yesterday. The vet put these little bootie/cast things on her front paws, which I was to remove this morning. After an hour of sweating and becoming smart enough to wrap her up like a burrito in a blanket, I finally got Pennie's paws free!

But that's not my epic failure for the day...

After that, my dear friend, Megan, picked me up and we had lunch at HuHot. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a buffet of uncooked mongolian ingredients (including meats, noodles, veggies, sauces) that the patron piles into a bowl. Then the goodies are cooked right before your very eyes. It's so damn good. If any of you are ever in the Des Moines area, please let me know and I'll take you there.

Clearly that's also not my epic failure. But this is:

I look pretty cute today and wanted to document my first official outfit post. So, I grabbed my crappy digital camera and headed to the backyard. Well, the snow has been melting this week, and as you know, when the ground is wet it becomes muddy. I sank in my Jeffrey Campbell wedges almost immediately then  gave up. I spent more time cleaning my shoes and pouting than actually posing for photos.

I think I deserve a nap now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texas Roadhouse

It’s now becoming tradition for my dad to take me out to eat every Wednesday, which I will never complain about. Tonight we went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time. I’ve heard horror stories about the wait, but figured it couldn’t be too bad on a Wednesday. Wrong. The place was absolutely packed - and for good reason. If you’re a meat eater, this is a fantastic joint. If you happen to love country music (I don’t, unless it’s Taylor Swift) even better.  I ordered the filet with a salad and steak fries. Boy am I a sucker for fries. The service was fast and friendly, but the atmosphere was slightly overwhelming. All in all, though, I had a pleasant experience. 
On another note, I had a moment of weakness this afternoon and purchased a few sale items from Modcloth. I’m really excited to style this dress - I think it will work well for all seasons. Also, these boots look incredible. I hope they fit!

Winter Formal

Alright, so this is a suuuper delayed review of the first annual Winter Formal at the Des Moines Social Club. In high school I was a big fan of dances. It was the only excuse I felt I had to change out of my ill-fitting sweatpants (yes…sweatpants) and Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts in exchange for fun dresses and pretty hair. This WF far exceeded any of my expectations. B was such an amazing date! We danced and danced all night long then ended the evening at Perkins. 

Olympic Flame

B took me to lunch at one of my most favorite restaurants in Des Moines - Olympic Flame. We both adore the saganaki (fried cheese) which the waiter sets on fire right at the table! This charming restaurant is in the east village amongst other fantastic bars, eateries and…shopping!

I meant to take photos to share, but I forgot. This blogging thing is still new to me!
Next time, I promise.