Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Can't Bear it

This sweater is my prized thrifting possession. Pretty stinkin' cute, right?

Tomorrow morning I have a job interview. I feel so out of practice with the interview process - although, I wonder if anyone ever grows comfortable with it. I just hope I don't sweat too much...

For anyone who read yesterday's story, I saw my new friend wandering around the block earlier today. He looked just as drunk/confused as last night. I'm incredibly thankful that I was at a safe distance in my car.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Black and White...and Blue

I missed the Everybody, Everywear Black and White challenge earlier this week, but wanted to participate on my own anyway. Black and white is probably my least favorite color combination, however, this outfit pleasantly surprised me. I think I am mostly shocked by how versatile my new blazer is proving to be. Menswear consistently inspires and intimidates me - I can't be alone in this fear, right?

While walking home from a friend's earlier, I made the mistake of greeting a questionable looking gentleman. During our five minute friendship, I found out the following:

1. The forecast for the coming week (three times)
2. His strained relationship with his 34 year old daughter, Courtney
3. Courtney's on and off addiction to drugs 
4. His mysterious trip to the hospital last night

Sometimes I think I'm too nice. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Doctor Love

My dreams of becoming the next Millionaire Matchmaker finally came true (on a marginally smaller scale) on Friday. Throughout the day, I successfully helped four friends break the ice. While one of the men turned out to be a pervy jerk (I'm looking at you, sleazy construction guy who woos women with magic tricks), I still consider my efforts fruitful! 

Hey, Patti Stanger doesn't doesn't have a perfect record, either... 

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Slippery Slope

I've already failed myself. Today I purchased two items at Goodwill and ate a monstrous slice of cake. In my defense...

1. Shoes from Goodwill never fit me and I couldn't turn these down. They are the most charming pair of shiny patent oxford-type shoes I've ever seen.
2. My grand total at Goodwill was $7.18. I mean, come on.
3. I can't defend my cake eating. It was a terribly gluttonous sight.

In other news, tonight marked Zachary's first time taking outfit photos for me. Homeboy has some natural talent.

Have a lovely evening, everyone!