Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Can't Bear it

This sweater is my prized thrifting possession. Pretty stinkin' cute, right?

Tomorrow morning I have a job interview. I feel so out of practice with the interview process - although, I wonder if anyone ever grows comfortable with it. I just hope I don't sweat too much...

For anyone who read yesterday's story, I saw my new friend wandering around the block earlier today. He looked just as drunk/confused as last night. I'm incredibly thankful that I was at a safe distance in my car.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead!


  1. I've thrifted so many sweaters this winter. Love it!

  2. good luck on your interview!

    i never stop being a bit nervous.... and always fear about my sweat. then i focus on all of my amazing attributes, and do the best i can. my best advice is to try to think of it more as a conversation, though, depending on the industry and type of person you are speaking with, that can be tough (banker types tend to GRILL you).