Sunday, April 6, 2014

I can't say for sure what motivated me to come back to this space. But after reflecting, I can fairly confidently narrow it down to the following:

Getting married 
Watching the final season of What Not To Wear in two weeks time (and subsequently hating everything in my closet)
Receiving a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas
Finding a passion for health & fitness

And after having a bit of an Aha! moment (literally as I was typing the list), I realized something else: These are the things I want to write about. I cannot absolutely put the future of my blog in any single category - Lifestyle, Personal Style, Foodie, Health, etc. You know what, though? That's ok. It may be a bit erratic, I very likely won't post 3 - 4 times a week, my inspirations and interests may change... but this is my blog. I make the damn rules around here. Oh yeah, and sometimes I say 'damn'. 

Should you care to join in my adventures, please hang around. If not, that's cool. 

Let's talk clothes for a sec. I ran to the mall yesterday afternoon with one thing in mind - a moto jacket. Three hours later I emerged with everything but a moto jacket. A success in one sense, an utter failure in another. Included in my haul was the hat I'm sporting, which was on I-never-have-this-kind-of-luck sale for $2.99. Originally $50. If I were a mic-dropping kind of gal, this is when I'd do it. 

dress | jcpenney (cute alternative)  // top | express // tights | target // shoes | gap // hat | dillards (similar

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