Friday, July 29, 2011

Diary Post: January 21, 1997

January 21, 1997
O.K. so my mom came into my room and had one of those emtianal (emotional) talks that's suposivly (supposedly) suppose to make me feel better. WRONG! I don't think so!!! I ended up crying. So the whhoole talk was about her boyfriend Russ. Sometimes I just get sick of it when all she talk about is RUSS, RUSS, RUSS, etc.

The last couple of days have been really crappy. And I know when she walked out of the bedroom tonight we was pissed off! Bye!

Bummed Out

Clearly I took quite a few cues from Teen magazine with my signature. I loved how girls would write in with their most embarrassing stories then sign off with a catchy name.

Because I am terrible at keeping secrets and surprises, I have to share my next diary entry. It's a doozie...

February 3, 1997
O.K. so now I totally have a crush on this boy in my class names Kyle Ross. He's nice sweet and totally cute. He's the only guy in the class!

I'm trying to stop picking my nose. I don't all the time, just sometimes. But when I do pick my nose I don't pick it in front of anybody!

From: In LOVE!!

On that note, have a lovely nose-picking weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

99 Problems But My Next Door Neighbor Ain't One

Ok, fine. I don't really have 99 problems - it's just that I needed a catchy title to segue into the story I'm about to share. But first (as promised), outfit photos!

 (It's hilarious that someone altered this park sign, right?)

A little background: I moved into a cutie new apartment a few weeks ago. One week after, I met an upstairs neighbor, Rick, who fed me a little info about our building.

1. The tenant before me...died. No wonder I was able to move in during the middle of the month.
2. There was a bedbug outbreak not too long ago. No worries, though, because, "the landlord took care of it real good." Rick's words. Less comforting than you'd think.

Ok, so now on top of that - I pulled into the parking lot last Tuesday and found two cops circling my building. Curiosity immediately set in, so I entered through the back door to investigate. After turning a corner to walk up the stairs I found my landlord, Belva, standing at the top of the first flight.

"Is everything ok?" I inquired.
"Well...I don't know yet," Belva responded.

I continued up the stairs to find the two cops and maintenance guy, Luckie, placed in front of my next door neighbor's door. The officers asked me to stay put as they broke into the apartment. After seconds, one of the cops announced, "he's dead." My neighbor had been deceased in his home for at least three days, during the hottest week of Summer. I was living next door to a dead guy and passed by his apartment a number of times during those three days. Needless to say, I was incredibly spooked.

...I really hope I didn't get a melon of an apartment.

In other, much happier, news, this blouse is one of the marvelous items I acquired at the Hill Vintage trailer sale. The colors remind me of cotton candy! Don't worry, I'm not going to eat my shirt.

Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

Have a lovely evening!

Just Shoe Me

I've been lamenting the loss of my favorite sneakers (thanks, Finny pup) so, to brighten my mood, decided to create a collage of shoes I can't afford. On that same note, have you guys seen the Solestruck Fall 2011 Lookbook?! Holy heck it's brilliant.

The past three weeks have been pretty busy with moving, but I should be back to regular blog posts now - CELEBRATE! Look for new outfits this week. I found a few gems at the Hill Vintage trailer sale last Friday and can't wait to style everything.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Positivity Day!

This morning I woke up with a TAKE CHARGE attitude and it totally paid off - I may have a brand new fancy apartment! I'll be turning in my application tomorrow and crossing my fingers that everything works out.

Does anyone have a solution for smelly feet? I wear sneakers to work (sans socks) so I have to assume that's why my tootsies reek like trash, but there must be some way to at least minimize the problem...right?

Have a lovely night!