Friday, July 29, 2011

Diary Post: January 21, 1997

January 21, 1997
O.K. so my mom came into my room and had one of those emtianal (emotional) talks that's suposivly (supposedly) suppose to make me feel better. WRONG! I don't think so!!! I ended up crying. So the whhoole talk was about her boyfriend Russ. Sometimes I just get sick of it when all she talk about is RUSS, RUSS, RUSS, etc.

The last couple of days have been really crappy. And I know when she walked out of the bedroom tonight we was pissed off! Bye!

Bummed Out

Clearly I took quite a few cues from Teen magazine with my signature. I loved how girls would write in with their most embarrassing stories then sign off with a catchy name.

Because I am terrible at keeping secrets and surprises, I have to share my next diary entry. It's a doozie...

February 3, 1997
O.K. so now I totally have a crush on this boy in my class names Kyle Ross. He's nice sweet and totally cute. He's the only guy in the class!

I'm trying to stop picking my nose. I don't all the time, just sometimes. But when I do pick my nose I don't pick it in front of anybody!

From: In LOVE!!

On that note, have a lovely nose-picking weekend!


  1. Just had a really good laugh, thanks for the pick-me-up!

  2. haha,funny ! my early teens are remembered by entries like those :))

    alexandra @

  3. The nose-picking story had me howling with laughter.