Monday, April 14, 2014


"Huck Finn!" they'll call you. "She could be a farmer in those clothes!" they'll say. 

This post goes out to all you naysayers. To every cynic, sourpuss and party pooper alike. 

This is in defense of overalls. 

1. Overalls are comfy as hell. They come equipped with a blasé attitude that demands respect. Overalls know they are laid back, worn-in and the next best thing to sporting pajamas in public, but don't feel the need to say it aloud.
2. Overalls are bold. Since most of the population is either in denial of their comeback or convinced they belong exclusively on the Super Mario Bros, those brave enough to wear overalls as a fashion choice have wicked moxie.  
3. Overalls are versatile. With heels? Sure! An oversized sweater? Why not! The options are truly limitless. Plus, overalls transition from season to season with enviable ease. 
4. Overalls are quirky. Overalls know they are a little eccentric and are totally cool with it. 
5. Overalls are for me.

overalls | asos (similar) // sneakers | sam edelman // necklace | j crew (try this one) // sunglasses | target

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