Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spud Boy Creeper

Admittedly, I did not bring the most exciting outfit options for my weekend getaway - I wanted to dress for active comfort versus style. that little boy painted in the window at least slightly unsettling or is it just me? 

I'm about to go for a jog then it's off to visit some family for a Labor Day Weekend barbeque. Can't wait to spend a relaxing afternoon with my favorite people. 

Sorry for the quick post, my creativity is lacking.

Have a lovely afternoon!


  1. cute outfit! i love button-downs. i'm currently embracing classic pieces even they could be perceived as boring.

    also, you have a great blog! it's great to see that there's iowan fashion bloggers in the blogosphere.

  2. i would definitely be open to a meet up. a fellow blogger friend and I are planning to go to the fashion show that's in des moines on october 1st.