Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Diary: April 7, 1997

April 7, 1997
I'm like so totally imbarresd. I could have a heart attack. First my best friend took the guy I still have a crush but I also have a feeling that their relashiun ship will not last long. GOOD THING! And Andrew Rorbeck in my class thinks that I have big breasts! Whatever. I want to beat him up!

Utterly Embaresed!

Author's note - clearly I did not take the time to make any effort to spell words correctly...or even finish sentences for that matter. 

April 13, 1997
I feel like my relationship with my mom is not totaly complete. It's almost like it's falling apart a little.


I wish I could talk to her about how I feel. But I'm just to afraid.

Author's note - I learned a lot spelling 'relationship' during my week-long diary hiatus. 

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