Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Princess Belle

For the past week or so, I've found myself listening only to the Disney Station on Pandora. First, it's really addictive. Second, it absolutely astounds me that I know all the words to so many Disney songs. 

Last night I decided to take my newest obsession to a mild extreme - I answered multiple online quizzes to see which Disney Princess I am. It's Belle, I'm Belle. So what if I  maybe knew how to edit my answers a bit to receive the results I wanted! Still counts! We are both smart, spirited and sassy. We are both willing to put our lives on the line to save a family member. We both have a thing for hairy men (although my interest ends beyond a bushy beard). 

What Disney Princess can you relate best with? 

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Super cute! I've always thought of myself as a Ariel. No reason other than I watched Little Mermaid twice a day when I was little and I love the ocean.

  2. Love this outfit..I'm Belle too haha!


  3. Mackenzie - Ariel is my second choice, mostly because of her shell bra and angelic voice.

    Krystle - Belle twins!

    Thanks for the comments, guys!

  4. If the Gaslight Anthem show was at the Cabooze with Murder By Death I was totally there. It was a great show!

  5. lovely skirt!!

    there's a disney pandora station? how did i not know about this. i'm on pandora everyday and i guess it never occurred to me create a disney station!

    i love pocahontas and jasmine.