Monday, October 17, 2011

You really got a hold of me

As the temperatures drop, I find myself needing new hobbies since I'll be spending less time outside. The first idea that comes to mind is volunteering and after a quick online search, I've found a few potentials. 

1. Assist with set-up/tear down at a community theatre. I'm a terrible actor, but would love be able to help with the arts in some capacity. 

2. Befriend a senior. There is an assisted living center very close to my apartment and they are looking for volunteers to take seniors to beauty appointments and help with other on-site activities. 

Those are my ramblings for today. 

Have a lovely evening!

Oh yeah...I forgot to include outfit details during the photo editing process:

Dress - thrifted (Goodwill)
Tights - F21
Shoes - Blowfish
Adorable creature barrette - Rewind in Mpls

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