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Dear Diary: May 15, 1997

May 15, 1997

Ohmygod! I have a HUGE crush on our very cute neibor. His name is Ben and, everything about him seems perfect but theres one small delema he's in seventh grade and I'm in 5th. My grandma says he's not to old so I'll just go with her words!

Definitely in Luv!

August 17, 1997

I Love Ben Judge! He is sooooo cute! I'm kinda shy around him though. What sou should I do? My best friend from Minnasota is staying a week with me. I'm glad she is here! I'm getting used to Russ. Once you get to know him he's way cool!!!!

August 18, 1997

Ben mowed the lawn today! It was a lot of fun wath watching him! He mows the lawn diffrently every time. I'm really excited for school to start. But really sad summers going to be over!! I wonder if any boys will ask me out in 6th grade? I hope so!!

(page break)

Hey I'm not done writing about August 18. Well now I am! BYE!


Author's Note: I was pathetically in love with Ben. Like, I spied on him through the living room blinds on nearly a daily basis. At the time, he was everything I thought I ever wanted in a boy. This continued for an embarrassingly long amount of time.

Have a lovely day!

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