Friday, May 27, 2011

The Treasures I Found

Please don't judge my dirty jeans - I just got off work at the bakery and had been crawling around in this trailer for a bit

Yesterday I made the hour long journey to Marshalltown, Iowa to assist my brilliant grandmother. If you're not familiar with this bustling metropolis of a city - I promise, there is nothing you are missing out on...

While helping my grandma clean/sort/pack for her upcoming move, I stumbled upon some wonderful treasures! I am especially thrilled with the big cozy cardigan (pictured above), which belonged to my grandpa and holds sentimental value. Methinks it will permanently become a staple in my closet.

1. Polaroid Automatic 103 Land camera (produced between 1965-1967)
2. Drawing done by my great-great grandmother
3. Chachki box
4. Argoflex Forty twin lens reflex camera (produced between 1950-1954)
5. Homemade pillow case

These finds will always hold a special place in my heart because of their origin. I can only imagine how many stories and memories surround everything. While I know my grandma must be struggling to say 'goodbye' to some of these pieces, I find comfort in the fact that I can take good care of them. 

Have you guys ever found any special/unique family heirlooms?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. U should keep them for ever.they are vintage little treasures :))) lovely post dear,so touching!

  2. I love your new blog photo! Awesome! What pretty little treasures too!