Thursday, April 14, 2011


Look! I'm blowing smoke... 

It's a very blah day (as my title describes), but I had a few photos to post from a family dinner on Tuesday. It was my brother, Nick's, birthday and he doesn't particularly enjoy sweets, so I ordered his complimentary dessert for myself!

Have a lovely (non-blah) day, everyone!


  1. I love your tan boots with this outfit. And the scenery is so pretty where you're located.

  2. I love your shirt! Is that black thing around the chest part a necklace or part of the shirt?

    I live in California but I so badly wish I lived in a forest.

  3. ooh, love the little buttons on your skirt! SO cute with your floral print blouse + skinny belt. You look adorable!! Sorry about the blah day... mine is not much better, at home with a sore throat, boo! xx veronika

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    iJazz - that is ribbon attached to the blouse. Forest life becomes a bit scary at night...I always have to run from my car to the house.

    Veronika - Thank you! Your comment totally made my day. Feel better soon!