Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward Girl

Tonight I was queen of giggles and awkwardness - it almost always takes at least ten minutes to quit playing shy girl and smile at the camera, but tonight was worse/better (depending on your outlook, taste, etc.) than usual. You guys are in for quite a treat come outtake time at the end of the month! While there were plenty of silly photos to pick from in this batch, the good ones turned out so wonderful.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if any of what was typed above makes sense, as I'm trying to multi-task. Blogging, watching Game of Thrones, figuring out movie times, crunches, slamming my last glass of water...

One of these days, I'll treat ya'll a proper blog post about something other than my television interests.

Have such a lovely night!


  1. How does one mix classy, goofy, sesy, and cute so effortlessly?

  2. i love your plaid jacket. you seem like a good multi-tasker, you blogged very well considering all your distractions :)


  3. You define simple elegance with this post. 3rd pic from the bottom is perfect. P.S. The camera loves you. Few people are this photogenic.

  4. Love the pictures! The red of the jacket with the door is terrific!

  5. Love this outfit. What a great blend of fabrics, styles, and uniqueness.