Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sox Appeal

I have a love/hate relationship with socks. They keep my feet warm, but sometimes sweaty. They come in so many styles, but I despise when a favorite pair gets hole-y. Most of all, I am heartbroken when they disappear, which seems to happen on almost a weekly basis. I keep a graveyard of lost socks, in case their mate decides to show up at some point. There are about thirty lonely socks sitting in a laundry basket. During dry spells of taking care of my laundry (always), I visit the lonely socks and match two similar color and fabric schemes, so these socks are not without purpose.

Anyway...the real reason for this post - I've been finding joy in showing off my socks the past few weeks, by rolling up my jeans a bit (like in this post) or pairing them with skirts/dresses/etc. Now, I know this isn't a particularly new fashion revelation for many, but it is for me and I'm embracing it with a big bear hug!

Photos courtesy of my Dad - Setting courtesy of the KMart loading dock

Have a lovely day!


  1. Thanks! Got them on super sale at DSW!

  2. Love the outfit! That first picture is so great with the contrast between the red and the turquoise-y blues of your outfit.

  3. Hi Harris!

    Thanks so much - I'm pretty proud of my dad's skills.

    Talk to you soon. :)