Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dwolla Meetup

At Cabaret West Glen for the Dwolla Meetup with Brandon, Kim and Dave

(Photo courtesy of Dani Ausen with the Des Moines Juice - see more pictures from the Meetup at

B was too excited about the Meetup to take many photos, so I had settled with these few outside the bar. The event had a fantastic turnout - it's amazing to see how many people in the Des Moines area are supportive of local organizations. Now, the night wouldn't be complete without food! We went to a fun little sushi/chinese joint right in the West Glen Town Center called 'Wok in Motion'. The food was yummy, of course I was starving by the time we ate, so I probably would have settled for anything. Our waitress was also very kind and good humored. 

Please take a few minutes to create your own Dwolla account at!

Outfit Details:
Silk blouse - H&M
Sweater & Jeans - UO
Belt - No clue...I think my mom bought this for me in high school.
Shoes - DSW

Have a great night!

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